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Created on 2015-07-17 06:41:47 (#339), never updated

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Name:Alex AKA Ceili
Birthdate:Mar 7
Location:Albany, Oregon, United States
Hello! I go by Alex, Or Ceili (kaylee).. depending on whichever is more comfortable for you, honestly. Pronouns are whatever I'm dressed like, but I am NOT sensitive :)

I am a bigender, polyamorous pansexual who is entirely too certain in the existence of aliens! I have an amazingly loving and supportive wife and two beautiful children, and we share our love to whomever understands the nature of respect and limitations. Please know that any connections I make will have to always come second to her and my children!

I've joined here because we have both begun to live the lifestyle actively again, and are wanting to find respective partners to get to know :) On my end of things, I have only had two meaningful relationships in my life, and one is with my wife.. I have played around with many boys as well, but I have almost zero experience being with the opposite gender outside of my marriage :o I was hoping to possibly find an open-minded woman who enjoys feminine individuals like myself, to chat with and possibly date casually or long-term.

Aside from all that, I'm a very young-hearted and energetic individual that loves talking face-to-face and entertaining others :D I've always got a silly joke on the tip of my tongue, and love being around people that are level-headed and as accepting as I can be! I'm rarely afraid to speak my mind, and even though i have strong opinions about politics and the world in general, I'm not one to fight if our views don't match up... I would much rather hear your side and strive for harmony.

Being bigender, I am quite comfortable dressing fully on either side of the spectrum and anywhere in between. Though I strongly consider myself female-oriented, If you wish to meet me and have a preference, I would not think it rude if you requested whichever is more comfortable for you.. For reference (I know this is horribly crude, and only an easy way to describe it) I would say that I'm generally a 80/20 mix most days.

I try not to be outwardly rude to anyone, but men, I like you a great amount and enjoy all the aspects your body have to offer, but I simply have had my share of men in my life for now..

Well.. If you think I'm someone interesting, or you think I'm cute, or just want to chat or ask me a question or two, don't hesitate to send me a message ^-^!!

Interests (26):

70's, 80's, ancient aliens, anthing that sounds good :d!, art, avatar, big trouble in little china, captain underpants, classic rock, entertaining, festivals, harry potter, heavy metal, how its made, indie, longboarding, music, parties, redwall, star trek, star wars, the matrix, the outer limits, the walking dead, tron, twilight zone
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